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What are the requirements for power supply of CNC equipment?

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The following requirements apply to the power supply used by CNC equipment:

1) The grid voltage fluctuation should be controlled between +10% and -15%, while the power supply fluctuations in our country are relatively large and the quality is poor. It also hides such disturbances as high-frequency pulses, plus man-made factors (such as sudden power failure). Power off, etc.). During the peak hours of electricity, for example, during the day and one hour before work or before work, and even at night, there are often more excesses, even up to ±20%. Causes the machine to alarm and cannot perform normal work and damages the machine's power system. It even led to the loss of relevant parameter data.

This phenomenon has occurred in machine tools such as CNC machining centers or turning centers, and has a high frequency of occurrence and should be taken seriously. It is recommended to configure the AC voltage regulator power supply system with automatic compensation adjustment function in the centralized workshop of the CNC machine tool; a single CNC machine tool can be independently configured with an AC voltage regulator to solve.

2) It is recommended to connect the mechanical electrical equipment to a single power supply. If it is necessary to use other power sources to supply certain parts of the electrical equipment (such as electronic circuits, electromagnetic clutches), these power sources should be taken from devices (such as transformers, transducers, etc.) that are part of the mechanical electrical equipment as much as possible. For large complex machinery including many machines that work together in a coordinated manner and occupy more space, it may require more than one incoming power source, which is determined by the configuration of the site power supply.

Unless the mechanical electrical equipment is directly connected to the power supply with a plug/socket, it is recommended that the power cord be connected directly to the power supply switch of the power switch. If this is not possible, set a separate terminal block for the power cord.

The handle of the power cut-off switch should be easily accessible and should be installed between 0.6m and 1.9m above the easy-to-operate position. The upper limit is recommended to be 1.7m. This can quickly cut off electricity in case of an emergency, reducing losses and casualties.


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