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How to divide the CNC machining process?

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A: The division of CNC machining processes can generally be performed according to the following methods:

(1) The method of tool centralizing and dividing is to divide the process according to the used tool and use the same tool to finish all the parts that can be completed on the part. Use the second knife and the third to complete other parts that they can complete. This reduces the number of tool changes, compresses the idle time, and reduces unnecessary positioning errors.

(2) Partially-sequential processing method For parts with many processing contents, the processing part can be divided into several parts according to its structural characteristics, such as internal shape, shape, curved surface, or plane. The general processing plane, positioning surface, after processing hole; first processing a simple geometry, and then processing a complex geometry; the first processing of the lower accuracy of the site, and then processing the higher precision of the site.

(3) The coarse and fine processing division method is required for the deformation of parts that are prone to be deformed because of the deformation that may occur after rough machining. Therefore, generally, all the rough and finish machining operations must be separated from each other. .

To sum up, in the process of division, it must be based on the structure and craftsmanship of the part, the function of the machine tool, the number of parts in the numerical control process, the number of installations, and the organizational structure of the unit. It is also recommended that the principle of concentration of processes or the principle of dispersion of processes be adopted. It should be determined according to actual conditions, but it must be reasonable.


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