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The reason and influence of CNC lathe clearance

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Machine tool movement is the clearance, including the guide rod driving tool holder movement. Long time will wear, there will be too much gap, affecting the processing data. Let's talk about the causes and effects of CNC lathe clearance.

Reasons for CNC lathe clearance:
1. There is a gap between the ball screw and the nut pair of the machine tool, and the shaft movement can not be generated due to close contact.
2, with the use of machine tools, wear gradually intensifies, resulting in gaps.

Influence of CNC lathe clearance:
1. The motor is idling when the table is backing up, and the table is not moving, which causes the positioning error of ±D/2 and affects the accuracy of the machine tool.
2. When the clearance is too large, the dynamic response characteristics become worse and oscillation occurs. Guangdong CNC lathe

CNC lathe clearance is too large solution:
1. Adopt high precision ball screw.
2. Partially tighten the screws during installation.
3, with CNC system instructions to compensate the gap.

Measurement of reverse clearance error of NC lathe
1. According to the difference between the grating feedback value and the position instruction, measure the reverse clearance error D of the machine tool
2. According to the difference between the actual position of the machine tool measured by the laser interferometer and the position instruction, the reverse clearance error D of the machine tool is measured.


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