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Focus on small teaching CNC machine tools and cultivate CNC talents

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CNC machine tools in CNC professional courses play an important role in teaching. However, due to the limited space, the industrial CNC machine tools purchased are bulky, occupy a large area and consume a lot of energy, which limits the expenses.

XENDOLL Education CNC Machine Tool has been focusing on this industry for more than 20 years. We are a CNC manufacturer with development and manufacturing in China, focusing on education and industry. We have rich experience in CNC training and can tailor the configuration scheme of teaching CNC training space for you.

The products of XENDOLL small CNC machine tools have advanced technology, and have the advantages of small floor space, low energy consumption and easy construction.

XENDOLL has a series of product lines of desktop teaching CNC machine tools for educational CNC machine tools, such as: small industrial 4.0 teaching production line, desktop CNC lathe, small CNC milling machine, small machining center, comprehensive maintenance test bed, laser engraving machine and maker gadgets.

XENDOLL desktop-level teaching CNC machine tool is based on the proportional miniaturization of industrial machines, which has the standard structure of industrial CNC machine tools and the functions of NC programming and processing, and has the advantages of less power and consumption.

XENDOLL C56 Desktop small CNC lathe

X-axis 70 mm
Z-axis 160 mm
Effective size of workbench 130mmX85mm
Fast moving speed 5000mm/min(
Programming software MasterCAM、UG、CAXA等
speed of mainshaft 100-2000rpm
Maximum rotary diameter 140mm
Maximum clamping diameter 70mm
manual pulse generator 4-axis and 3-speed electronic handwheel
knife rest Manual tool rest
Spindle motor power 150W
weight 60kg
SIZE 750mm*450mm*450mm

XENDOLL C17 Desktop small CNC milling machine

Maximum drilling diameter 13mm
Maximum milling diameter 16mm
Table size 400X90mm
X/Y/Z stroke 210mm/95mm/200mm
manual pulse generator 4-axis and 3-speed electronic handwheel
Spindle speed range 100-2500 rpm
Fast moving speed 5000mm/min
Spindle motor power 350W
Operating voltage 220V/50Hz
size 845mm*580mm*850mm
weight 1120KG

XENDOLL VMC220 Desktop  control machining center

Clamping tool 2-13mm
working table 400mm*140mm
X-axis 220mm
Y-axis 120mm
Z-axis 200mm
Linear guide rail silver rail
tool magazine 4 station
Spindle motor power 750W
Automatic Door Up-down automatic  switch
Automatic tool changing system form Pneumatic tool changing
manual pulse generator 5-axis and 3-speed electronic handwheel
size 1000mm*850mm*970mm
weight 160KG

XENDOLL is a small desktop machine tool equipment integrating manufacturing education and industry. Its products are mainly for primary and secondary schools, vocational schools, numerical control programming and application in higher vocational colleges, factory building, campus makers, metalworking, carpentry, primary and secondary school workers, and workpiece proofing and small batch production in enterprises or scientific research units.


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