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C37 small machining center is suitable for mass production and processing of small parts in factories

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The C37 small machining center is suitable for mass production and processing of small parts in factories, can work continuously for 24 hours, can automatically change 6-8 knives, and has functions such as milling, drilling, and tapping. It can move the machine to your upstairs office, with high cost-effectiveness, making it an affordable equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises and scientific research institutions.
Quality assurance and service: Free door-to-door delivery, free door-to-door installation and adjustment training service, and a one-year free warranty for the entire equipment.
Main users: communication equipment enterprises, die-casting enterprises, automotive parts enterprises, military industry enterprises, enterprises, universities, scientific research first board production and batch processing, etc.
Product features:
1. All major castings of the entire machine are made of high-grade HT250 cast iron, which has undergone complete annealing treatment to eliminate residual internal stress and maintain long-term deformation.
2. The guide rail is a Taiwan Hiwin silver linear guide rail, which adopts a fully supported design to ensure cutting stability, slide accuracy, and mechanical life.
3. Three axis C3 grade precision ball screw, after medium cycle heat treatment and precision grinding, each axis is pre tensioned to reduce thermal deformation, with high positioning and overlap accuracy.
4. All machines have been accurately tested by the Renishao laser interferometer before leaving the factory, ensuring three-axis precision back clearance and positioning accuracy.
5. All three axes are servo driven, with smooth transmission, high accuracy, and large torque.
6. The three-axis track is covered with a dust and chip proof telescopic cover to protect the track and ball screw from wear caused by cutting water and debris entering.
7. Equipped as standard with Xendol industrial grade CNC system, optional with other CNC systems.
8. The spindle is BT30, which transmits a large cutting torque and is equipped with an 8-position tool library. The tool change time is short, and the tool change action is safe and reliable, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency and accuracy of complex products.
9. The spindle motor adopts a 2.2KW servo spindle motor and drive, with high power. The spindle can directionally change tools and rigidly tap teeth.
10. The electronic handwheel can be adjusted in three gears for easy operation and tool setting.
11. Add a balance weight block inside the column, ensuring smooth operation of the spindle up and down.
12. A fully enclosed sheet metal cover ensures the cleanliness and safety of the work area.
13. Equipped with an intermittent lubrication system, a fully protective structure, and a pneumatic broach system.
14. Integrate the water tank and water pump system, program or manually control the switch for processing coolant.
15. The air pressure detection switch provides an alarm when the air pressure is lower than the rated pressure, ensuring the safety of processing and tool changing.
16. Processing residue collection device, easy and simple to clean; The overall appearance of the machine is beautiful and elegant, with a compact structure.
17. Optional CNC indexing head (fourth axis) for machining more complex parts, with zero return on CNC indexing accuracy and positioning accuracy of 0.005mm.
Suitable for industry: The factory produces and processes small parts in bulk, can work continuously for 24 hours, can automatically change 8 knives, and has functions such as milling, drilling, and tapping. The machine can be moved to the office, with high cost-effectiveness, making it affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises, CNC training, and scientific research institutions.


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